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The story of our company.

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the Back2Back Group was established to create a distribution network to meet the needs of buyers and sellers from different platforms around the world. In prescribing to our company philosophy – “build relationships, and business will follow” – we are dedicated to fulfilling the consumer demand for electronic and renewable energy sources throughout the Middle East and Africa.


We value a team-oriented approach.
We value honesty, integrity and ethical behavior in our relationships with all of our stakeholders.
We value innovation and the unremitting pursuit of continuous improvement in all of our processes.
We value establishing trusted partnerships that will power the path to the future.


We are a growing and profitable global supplier of power solutions and complementary products. We are committed to building relationships dedicated to satisfying the collective needs of our suppliers, resellers, customers, employees, and community. Our single-minded approach allows us to build long-term partnerships that are built on the foundation of mutual progress, trust, and respect.


To progress and become the largest energy solutions distribution group grounded in trust, developing brand awareness and cultivating partnerships by delivering:
*   Lead times defined by our resellers and customers
*   A broad range of quality products in a timely manner
*   Quality and service excellence in all that we do
*   Technical expertise, marketing/branding expertise, and sales expertise
*   Strong financial performance



Abdulrahman Alnounou

Abdulrahman Alnounou

Abdulrahman Alnounou

Chief Executive Officer

Pravin Singh Bhati

Head of Sales

Khaled Sheikh Al Shabab

Regional Sales Manager

Michael Ibosiola

Account Manager – Nigeria


Established in 2005 in the UAE, Back2Back has continued to grow. Over the past decade, we have transitioned from IT Solutions to become a leading distributor of electronic and renewable energy resources for the Middle Eastern and Africa.

With a network of over 250 active dealers, and local warehouse throughout the region, Back2Back has become recognized as the reputable provider of end-to-end supply chain services of leading power solutions on behalf of suppliers to the global market, to include:

LG Solar Panel – Distributor GCC, Iraq and Libya
Long Batteries – Distributor ME and Africa
Fronius Inverter – Distributor ME
Do Power Inverter – Distributor ME and Africa
Three Sixty Power (360) Inverter – Distributor ME and Africa

At Back2Back, we are proud to offer a wide range of services on behalf of our partners. We are committed to building, sustaining, and expanding a large client base on their behalf, while simultaneously promoting the interests of their resellers. Through our commitment to excellence and dedication to improvement, we build value and reliability into every product we represent and relationship we create. Together, we will power the future.