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As the world’s largest anti-reflective coated (ARC) solar glass provider, Almaden has produced more than 100M Sqm of ARC solar glass for the solar industry. We are proud to say that there are more than 15GW of solar modules that have been installed with Almaden’s ARC solar glass around the world.

Almaden Solar Modules

State-of-the-Art Twin Glass PV Module Technology

Best choice for hot environment

Longer lifetime than conventional PV module

High stability power output over 25 years

High quality control

Wide range application: building integrated PV

ALMADEN Ultralight PV Module

We know efficiency matters the most. With a strong focus on advanced technology development, Almaden has successfully developed a new generation of ARC solar glass with guaranteed 3% or more transmission improvement over a broad spectrum range. In commitment to drive innovation to commercialization, Almaden developed a brand new glass-to-glass ultralight PV Module with frame less structural design.

Almaden PV Module Features

Almaden dual glass modules are the lightest silicon modules in the world. While having the cell efficiency and mechanical property, Almaden dual glass modules offer the users modules as light as possible to make roof solar projects more practical and universal.Almaden PV Module

  • Ultra-lightweight – as light as 8.5kg/m2 to 12kg/m2
  • PID free – no aluminum frame and are natural resistant to PID problems
  • Super durable under all conditions
  • No water penetration, no fast aging concerns
  • Micro-cracks free
  • Fire proof


Back2Back Solar Energy, Battery and Power Specialists

We specialize in Power Backup Solutions and components consisting of Solar PV Module, Solar Inverter, SMF and Automotive Batteries, and logistics, all designed to make your life easier. As a proud provider of Fronius Grid-Tied Inverters, we take pride in knowing that we are helping our clients create sustainable energy that they can feed back into the utility grid while simultaneously earning funds in return for their power!

The experts at Back2Back are here to make your life easier. We offer wholesale pricing on solar modules, inverters, and batteries for individuals and resellers throughout the Middle East and Africa. Contact us today to learn how we can help fulfill your energy supply needs.