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Fronius Grid Connected Inverters

Just like our partners at Fronius Austria, we believe that changing the world is possible. Back2Back distribution carry a large stock of Fronius Grid-Tied Solar Inverters, delivered when you need them! Whether you’re looking to add to your existing system, wanting to maximize your solar output or looking to add Fronius range of Grid-tied Inverters to your current sales stock, we have got you covered.

Fronius Solar Inverter

Grid-Connected PV Inverters

So you have these astonishing solar modules harnessing the power of the sun but how do you turn that power into energy you can use? The answer starts with the right solar inverter!

Fronius Smart Grid Solar Inverters are mainly used to share your grid power load using solar power. And once you generate power from solar energy you can feed it back to the Utility/Grid and get paid! You can earn a considerable amount of money when your home consumption is less than your generated power. So when you are away on holidays or out of home during whole day, you are generating power that you aren’t using. These Inverters transform solar energy into electricity with high efficiency of 97%++ and supply it into the public grid. High power inverters form the foundation of any PV system. Super efficient, these Smart Grid Inverters function outdoor in all weather conditions and are very stable.


Fronius has dedicated their time and resources to develop new technologies and innovative solutions resulting in the highly functional grid-tied string inverters. Fronius Smart Grid Solar Inverters are designed to interact optimally with all solar modules and systems of all types and sizes.

  • Sleek, aesthetically appealing design
  • Innovative Snap Inverter hinge mounting system
  • Wi-Fi enabled for easy commissioning and monitoring.
  • Industry-leading Arc Fault Circuit Interruption
  • Free lifetime monitoring through Fronius Solar web.

Fronius Solar web

Back2Back Solar Energy, Battery and Power Specialists

We specialize in Power Backup Solutions and components consisting of Solar PV Module, Solar Inverter, SMF and Automotive Batteries, and logistics, all designed to make your life easier. As a proud provider of Fronius Grid-Tied Inverters, we take pride in knowing that we are helping our clients create sustainable energy that they can feed back into the utility grid while simultaneously earning funds in return for their power!

At Back2Back Distribution, our clients rely on us to serve as their energy procurement specialists, building relationships and marketing strategies while eliminating costly time requirements from their end. We provide the energy products you need when you need them. Isn’t it high time you make the most of all of that solar energy your system is harnessing? If your solar system generates more electricity than your home or business consumes, the possibility to earn, sell, and generate revenue by feeding that power back into the utility grid is great. As proud partners of Fronius power solutions, we keep a full stock of the Off-Grid Inverters you need. On hand and ready to ship, we are dedicated to keeping you powered and getting you paid for your excess energy!

The experts at Back2Back are here to make your life easier. We offer wholesale pricing on solar modules, inverters, and batteries for individuals and resellers throughout the Middle East and Africa. Contact us today to learn how we can help fulfill your energy supply needs.


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