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LG Solar PV Panels

Backed by 25 years of intensive research and development, LG Solar’s photovoltaic modules are matchlessly designed to provide superior quality. LG Solar PV Panels have been field tested for the performance, durability and reliability that has become synonymous with the LG brand.

Just like our supply partners, we aim to give you power to choose the best. Back2Back distribution carry a large stock of LG Solar PV Panels, delivered when you need them! Whether you’re looking to add to your existing system, wanting to maximize your solar output, or looking to add these modules to your current sales stock, we’ve got you covered.

LG Solar Panels
LG Life's Good


LG recently developed the innovative ‘Cello Technology’ which improves performance and reliability by replacing 3 bus bars with 12 thin wires. Using circular shaped wires to scatter the light more effectively, Cello Technology improves the absorption of light compared to traditional technology. Additionally, this ground breaking technology reduces electrical loss by spreading the current with 12 wires. So what does this mean for your system? More power, more energy, and less loss!

Cell Connection


Low Stress

Low Loss

Optical Absorption Enhancement


Every module on your roof has to withstand the forces of nature. By using high-quality materials — down to the smallest detail, LG Solar panels are recognized as the best in the industry. Built with maximum load capacity and a unique frame design, LG Solar panels have been built and tested to withstand extreme forces and strains to protect your investment.

LG Solar Panels

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The experts at Back2Back are here to make your life easier. We offer wholesale pricing on solar modules, inverters, and batteries for individuals and resellers throughout the Middle East and Africa. Contact us today to learn how we can help fulfill your energy supply needs.