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The battery is one of the most important parts in the off grid solar power system. That is because the battery is where the electrical energy is stored to be consumed after sunset. At the same time, it is the most expensive component in the system as it must be replaced every 2 years at most, whereas the panel can live up to 30 years and the invertor up to 5 years.

We hear stories about the failure of the battery and the suffering of users of the solar energy system every day. Therefore, we would like to share with you our extensive experience in the field to help you achieve longest battery life.

By following the below explained steps, you can guarantee longer battery life possible.

  1. Production date: when buying a new battery look at the Production date, recently manufactured batteries live longer. Don’t buy a battery produced more than 8 months back, as It will be dead, and even if it was recharged it will not live as it does when it is recently manufactures.
  2. Charge it before you use it. you must charge the battery fully before you start using it.
  3. Get 2 identical batteries if your system requires 2 batteries. If you connect 2 different batteries one of them will die off immediately and the second will follow shortly. For example, Long batteries contain red, yellow and blue stickers. If you want to buy two batteries you should buy two red, yellow or green. Because each sign indicates a certain voltage (voltage degree) and all batteries must be on the same voltage when connected.
  4. Learn how to charge the Battery. One of the things that kills the battery and lessens more than 55% of its lifetime is faulty charging. We can say that the battery can be charged with a charger capacity of 12% of the capacity of the battery, that is, a battery of 100A can be shipped with a charger of 12A and up to 15A maximum, and the battery 200A can be charged with a charger of 24A. However, if you charge a 100A battery with a 30A charger, you’ll get a quick charge for the battery, but it’s certain that the battery will lose more than half of its life and will be replaced in half the time needed if charge the battery properly.

By following these simple steps, you can maintain a long battery life and efficient investment. Get enlightened and always seek experts’ advice to make the best out of your investment.