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It is high time that uninterrupted electricity supply becomes a concern from the past.


You run home in a chilly winter evening. You turn on lights, and hurry to the heater to turn it on, and within few minutes your home becomes your warm heaven. After taking a hot shower, you sit for a peaceful night in front of T.V.


This picture is an ordinary day in the life of some people, but a dear and unaffordable dream for others, in parts of the world where electricity is interrupted with long cuts several times a day or where electricity is too expensive to be an option.


Everyone deserves to live with the minimum requirement of modern life. Therefore, we might need to think of the revolutionary alternative of the solar electricity.


The solar electricity is the electricity produced by harnessing the energy transported from the sun’s rays using a solar system or as called the PV system. The basic solar energy system is made of four parts.


Grid System


  1. The panel: The solar panel, the first component of a electric solar energy system, is a collection of individual silicon cells that generate electricity from sunlight.


  1. Charge Controller: A charge controller, or charge regulator is basically a voltage and/or current regulator to keep batteries from overcharging. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery.

  1. The Inverter: To make the electricity supplied by solar power suitable for use in domestic homes, a device is needed that converts DC current to AC current, and this device is called an inverter.


  1. The Battery: Not all solar power systems have a battery, but some systems that produce more electricity than is needed for the building they are powering have a battery connected to store this excess energy. The stored energy can then be used when the solar panels are not providing enough energy, such as dark and rainy days.